Alchem Laboratories Corporation

Dedicated to excellence in custom synthesis

Alchem-DCI’s chemical biology facility is well equipped to perform the full span of preclinical drug discovery activities including assay development, uHTS (ultra high throughput screening), hit-to-lead and lead optimization chemistry, and early pharmacology. The Alchem-DCI screening facility currently houses all of the NIH Molecular Libraries compounds (current size is ~385,000), as well as an additional collection of approximately 420,000 synthetic small-molecule compounds. Alchem-DCI’s capabilities include:

  • World class automation for Ultra high-throughput screening (uHTS)

  • Assay development - target types and formats including GPCR, ion channels & transporter, luminescence, and enzyme assays (fast reactions)

  • Structure activity relationship (SAR)

  • Analysis, design, metabolism, excretion, and toxicology studies (ADMET)

  • Computational chemistry/Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD)

Key resources and infrastructure include:

  • 3 Fully Integrated Robotic Systems (HighRes Biosolutions)

  • 384 and 1536 format Labcyte Echo 550 and 555 acoustic liquid dispensers

  • 3 PE Envision plate readers and Operetta Live Cell HCS instrumentation

  • 3 BioRaptr dispensers

  • 2 Kalypsis 1536/384 plate washer/dispensers

  • Fully Integrated PE Opera High-Content Screening System

  • Online cpd storage, and plate hotels, CO2 incubators, etc.

  • Beckman Biomek NX 8/384 format

  • 2x Tecan FreedomEvo Platforms 96/384w format

  • Hamamatsu FDSS-7000

Discovery Cure Institute, Inc. (Alchem-DCI), a Florida nonprofit corporation, is a lab co-located with Alchem formed to conduct scientific research that may lead to the discovery of new drugs to treat human diseases.