Alchem Laboratories Corporation

Dedicated to excellence in custom synthesis

cGMP manufacturing has been a key component of our business.  Alchem has successfully produced dozens of new APIs and formulations for pre-clinical and clinical studies.

  • Batch sizes from several grams to several kilograms.
  • Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and topical, oral, and injectable products
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Stability studies for APIs/intermediates and drug products
  • CMC documentation for all stages of drug development

Manufacturing operations performed on a routine basis:  

  • High and low temperature chemistry    
  • Pressure reactions    
  • Extractions  
  • Freeze-drying
  • Column purifications / Flash Chromatography    
  • Preparative HPLC     
  • Distillations    
  • Spray-drying
  • Formulation and component preparation
  • Filling, labeling and packing
  • Development and Clinical Trial Materials (CTM)
  • QC testing and release

The company owns two fully operational facilities located in Alachua, Florida. The floor plan of Building 1 consists of: 

  • Four laboratories for small-scale chemical synthesis
  • cGMP pilot / clinical scale 
  • 100L (2) and 50L jacketed reactors
  • 4 foot purification columns
  • 10L and 20L (3) Buchi rotovaps
  • Two laboratories for Analyses/Quality Control
  • Administrative and general storage areas
  • Chemical storage rooms

The floor plan of Alchem's 8,000 sqft commercial cGMP facility (Building 2 at 14120 NW 126 Terrace) consists of: 

  • 2 x 60L and 1 100L Buchiglas jacketed reactors
  • 80L and 130L purification columns
  • 250 to 1000L mixing vessels and CIP 
  • Pulse spray dryer
  • QA/QC support / release
  • Shipping / receiving and warehouse